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Executive MBA

Become an innovative leader, responsible and open onto the world

Audencia’s Executive MBA is a triple-acccredited (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA) diploma. It is aimed at business leaders and experienced managers who wish to grow the strategic vision and strengthen the management skills required for an international context.


The Executive MBA is offered in:

PARIS: Four days a month (bilingual)

NANTES: Weekend (bilingual) and three days a month (100% in English)

At the end of the course, Audencia awards the Executive MBA diploma plus an official French state certificate (niveau I, RNCP) equal to a masters level.

Key Information

  • Length of programme: Part time, 16 to 19 months
  • Admission requirements: Eight years’ professional experience and management responsibilities

Four years of university study or equivalent
Accessible via VAE (Validation of the Acquisition of Experience)

  • Selection: Dossier plus interview (admin charge of 240€ inc. tax)
  • Programme cost: 38,500 € (VAT not applicable) - Eligible for personal training scheme (CPF)
  • Next session(s): NANTES: Programme start – late March 2017 - Weekend format (bilingual) over 18 months, or three days per month format (100% English) over 19 months | PARIS Programme start - September 2017 – Four days per month (bilingual) over 15 months.
  • Location: Paris Campus or Executive Center in Nantes

Programme & Admission

Develop management and strategy skills - 33 days

The core courses help to master central management aspects and offer an understanding of the main functions within a firm.  

After a team building seminar all participants follow classes in: organisation management, human resources management, company finance, financial diagnostics, marketing, CSR management, business law, corporate strategy, economic stakes and globalisation, company simulation and project management.


  • NANTES: A Friday and Saturday every fortnight (bilingual) OR a block of three days per month (100% English).
  • PARIS: From Wednesday to Friday once a month (bilingual)

In an ever-changing world, managers and business leaders have to make the right choices often in an international context. These seminars use conferences, plus visits to firms, associations or government organisations to help understand how business develops in the country in question.  

These two week-long seminars take place in March and October; the last two years, these seminars were held in China and Brazil.  

Seminars, case studies and work on leadership behaviour are the three pillars of this in-depth focus.    

A great idea is not enough! It needs to be implemented! As soon as a strategy is defined it needs to be deployed.

This focus features aspects such as performance management, change management, strategic innovation, ethics and work on a business plan. It also includes a concrete project on leadership and targets the personal development of each participant. In Paris, each person takes part in a prospective seminar as well as a ‘bootcamp’ on design thinking.

At the heart of the programme, you will guide a projet for your firm or for yourself (launch of company or buyout). 

This project meets three aims:

  • Create a link between core management courses and company reality. You can also apply concepts seen in class to your own environment.
  • With your firm, invest yourself in a joint project. This approach measures how well you can master new skill sets in a context that differs from that of your usual professional activity.  
  • Give the investment made a real resonance in terms of the development of your firm and yourself.  


Each project is built on five major stages: analysis and decisions, organisation, the launch, implementation and evaluation. As the teaching progresses it provides the skills needed to make each stage a success. Teaching is designed to present conceptual resources that allow the project to be progressively undertaken.  

First stage: Pre-admission interview

Once you have made clear your interest for the programme, you will be asked to contact a programme consultant. This personal interview will allow to judge how far your personal and professional project is in line with the aims of Audencia Executive MBA. Your programme consultant.will also help you to know more fully what the programme offers, to look more closely at how you should organise yourself and to receive further admission details.

Second stage: The pre-selection dossier

You must then submit to Audencia your complete application file containing:

  • a curriculum vitae
  • a letter of motivation
  • an official certified copy of your diplomas
  • a document proving your professional experience
  • the letter of approval from your employer
  • two letters of recommendation
  • Your scores for GMAT or TAGE-MAGE, and TOEFL or TOEIC if you have already passed these tests. If this is not the case, you can take these tests at Audencia during the selection day.


Audencia will study your dossier and propose that you attend a selection day if your initial application is viewed favourably.

Third stage: Selection day

This day is held at the school and involves:

  • The TAME test and De Marco English test. If you have already submitted your GMAT, TAGE-MAGE, TOEFL, or TOEIC scores you are exempt from these.
  • An interview where you should explain your career path to a jury and detail what motivates you to apply for this programme.


Within a week, the jury will accept or refuse your admission and inform you of their decision.

Participant's profiles

  • Average age: 42
  • Average professional experience: 18 years


The wealth of profiles within each intake is a major factor that promotes the sharing of experiences. The Executive MBA’s participants hold a wide range of posts in diverse sectors and all possess real management experience.  

The size of each intake, 20 to 30 people, allows strong interaction between participants and faculty.